Tuition and Fees- 2021-2022

Registration Fee: $200 before Pesach / $300 after Pesach

Full Tuition: $15,000

Dormitory: $6,000  (includes room and board, all meals, snacks, transportation and certain after school activities)

Tuition made affordable

*******Special tuition discounts for students who are registered before Chanukah

*******Group rate discount is available for a group of at least 5 friends or extended family that register together.

*******Special Shluchim Rate

Financial Aid

  • Limited Tuition Scholarships Available
  • Student-Awarded Grants will be applied towards extracurricular / electives
  • Sibling Discount: Additional Child Adjustment: $500 for second child, $750 for third child, and $1,000 for every additional child after the third

Registration Fee

$200 before Pesach / $300 after Pesach per student ---due with submission of application 

  • Registration Fee is applied towards tuition amount. 
  • Registration Fee is refundable if the student is not accepted.


Other fees

  • extracurricular and electives that have a nominal membership or supply fee