Welcome to Bnos Chana Lubavitch Academy of Baltimore!

Established in 2020, Bnos Chana is the only Chabad girls' high school in Baltimore. We welcome our students on our beautiful campus and dorm for in-person instruction, as well as, offer an integrative online program simultaneously to cater to the needs of our students who can not attend a brick-and-mortar school.

Bnos Chana is committed to excellence in education and the development of confident young women who exemplify Middos Tovos and strength of character. Bnos Chana instills a love of Torah and Mitzvos, Yiras Shamayim, and a practical application of Limud Hachassidus and Darkei Hachassidus into their lives.

Bnos Chana inspires within its students the confidence to discover and cultivate their own unique talents and to note their accomplishments with pride. The school’s focus is to foster dignified young women who will develop the skill to make decisions that positively impact their growth and development in school and beyond.

Bnos Chana boasts the perfect balance of rigor in Judaic and General studies. We take great pride in meeting the needs of the whole child which is why we include music, drama, visual arts, and technology in our curriculum in an effort to spark and nurture student interests. Knowing that each child learns differently we utilize differentiated instruction, blended and project-based learning to address varying learning styles. In short, our classrooms are an exciting place to be.

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