Bnos Chana has specialty programs to provide students time to advance their growth in the social-emotional realm and supplement academic instruction with extra-curricular programming and activities. This is accomplished through the following programs:

  • Achos Hatemimim
    An extracurricular learning program with self-directed self-growth. Under the umbrella of Achos Hatemimim, these are the following programs:

    • Bnos Chabad

    • Annual Ohel trip, with the sole focus of traveling to the Rebbe.

    • Annual Crown Heights trip, with a tour of the Rebbe’s house, the Rebbe’s room, the Rebbe’s library, and WLCC.

  • Chassidishe Yomei D’Pagrah
    On every Chassidishe Yom Tov, there is a program. On Yud Tes Kislev and Yud Shevat, students all come together to create a full-day, meaningful program for each other.

  • Clubs
    Students attend a social program off-premises, after school hours. 

  • Production
    Annual performing arts show open to the community, where students shine their talents in drama, song, dance, costume, tech, and painting.

  • Grade Business Enterprise
    Hands-On Consumer Math is taught through each grade having a business, where students collaborate and make fiscal decisions while learning how to manage income and expenditures to build their business.

  • Sports Teams

  • After-School Programming
    Bnos Chana offers programs such as swimming, painting, music lessons, and gym which are open to local girls as well as our students for a nominal fee.