Our curriculum is designed to create students who know how to ask questions, seek information, think critically and analytically, solve problems creatively, and communicate effectively in a variety of formats. We view our curriculum as an integral part of a learning program that seeks to empower and support our students as they set out to achieve the highest possible academic goals and prepare for a successful life both in school and beyond.

Bnos Chana utilizes blocks of time vs. standard semesters and class periods for some courses, to allow for girls to have a variety of classes which are usually not available to students.Some of these courses teach the prerequisite skills for academic success, such as writing syntax and Microsoft programs. Other courses offer students exposure and basic skills in diverse fields, such as web development and graphic design.

 Below, you can view a full breakdown of our curriculum by grade.

9th Grade Curriculum  

10th Grade Curriculum  

11th Grade Curriculum  

12th Grade Curriculum