We emphasize integrated, curricular work, where teachers work collectively with students to create rich, authentic learning experiences. 

Bnos Chana actively cultivates a learning environment that is inclusive, developmentally anchored, has expansive social relationships, and is growth-oriented. Our classrooms are part of a thriving school community where our students feel valued, intrinsic motivation is nurtured, and learning happens through collaborative problem-solving. 

During a school day, the environment is cultivated to deliberately teach students the skills needed to collaborate, solve problems, and create. Three-month courses offer students plenty of choices and opportunities to pursue what’s most meaningful to them, as well as creating opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge.

After school, Bnos Chana strives for the same integrative experience in our dormitory, where students are kept engaged with various evening programming which fosters friendship, collaboration, and respect amongst peers.