Thank you for your interest in our program. We are happy that you are considering Bnos Chana as your school of choice. To help you make this important decision, we feel it is important that you are aware of the expectations and requirements we uphold for our students.

Guidelines for Bnos Chana Students:

Bnos Chana puts a large emphasis on developing the Yiras Shamayim of our students. We aim to help our students develop a love and Chayus for Yiddishkeit, Chassidishkeit, and commitment to fulfilling Torah and Mitzvos joyously with deep Hiskashrus to the Rebbe. We expect our students to strive to move in this direction during their time learning in at Bnos Chana and IY"H afterward as well.

Bnos Chana students, through their inner beauty, act as Dugma Chayas to the community and world at large. Therefore, Bnos Chana enforces a high level of Tznius for all of their students. Students of Bnos Chana refrain from participating in any program or activities that do not have a clear Haskama from Rabbonim; this includes listening to non-Jewish music, watching Goyishe videos, and reading non-approved secular books.

General Information:
Leaving the school grounds on school days:

The safety of our students is a top priority, therefore a student may only leave the school/dorm grounds with prior permission from a staff member, regardless of the hour.

Leaving the Dormitory for Shabbos and Yom Tov:

The dormitory will have “off-Shabbosim,” where girls may go to approved homes for Shabbos. The off-Shabbosim schedule will be posted 2 weeks before school starts. 

Until Kislev, all 9th and 10th graders and new students will be spending “off-Shabbosim” with a pre-arranged host. If a student has family or close friends locally, there will be an option to fill out a host-request form. 

Technology Devices

For safety reasons, dormitory students are required to have a phone.  Before purchasing a cell phone or a cell phone plan, parents/students are strongly advised to consult with the administration of Bnos Chana to confirm it meets the school requirements. The only smartphone allowed for dormitory students is an iPhone which is filtered and approved by the school in partnership with TAG.  All local students must have their phones approved by the administration if they are brought to the dorm or school activities. The school approved iPhone will leave no need for other devices. If the need for a device arises, please contact the school administration for approval.

More information on this is included in the handbook sent upon a student’s acceptance to the program.

Tznius Guidelines 

The guidelines are relevant as a student of Bnos Chana and as to any Chassidishe girl. In addition to the clothing fulfilling all Halachic standards and covering the body completely, your mode of dress, speech, and action should reflect the standards of a Bas Chabad.