Mission Statement:

Bnos Chana produces students who have developed Yiras Shamayim, meaningful Hiskashrus to the Rebbe, and who have integrated 21st-century life skills into a purpose-based relationship with their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit. Bnos Chana provides a meaningful, sequential academic program that builds on the knowledge, skills, and experiences of successive grade levels while introducing developmentally appropriate strategies, concepts, and approaches. Throughout high school, students are challenged creatively and intellectually, while simultaneously guided in the development of personal character and concern for others in accordance with the values that our Rebbeim have instilled. 

Bnos Chana’s academic program lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and self-reliance. We believe competence and confidence are related, and through a honed curriculum developed, students acquire both. Our students are primed to use their acquired skills to make the world a better place through a lifelong commitment to Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit. 

Bnos Chana's vision is to create an accredited Moisad in which the Rebbe could take pride, servicing 9-12 grades, with a student body of local, national, and international students.