Dormitory Mission Statement:

To provide the fun and social life of a dorm with the safety, stability, structure, ruchnius, love and care of a home.

Most Bnos Chana students live in the dormitory, making it the central unit of life and one of the most rewarding aspects of the Bnos Chana environment. The dormitory provides personal space for each girl, as well as common areas for use by all residents. New students are assigned rooms and roommates based on a survey while returning students are more actively included in the process of choosing their rooms and roommates. 

Bnos Chana is happy to be part of the Baltimore Chabad Community, as well as the greater Baltimore Frum Community. Having such a large community allows access to many resources, including local frum doctors in every field. Bnos Chana staff are always here to help facilitate any needed doctors’ appointments, whether it be for an urgent matter or routine healthcare needs, as to not push them off until your daughter comes home.

To ensure our mission statement is not just words but truly an obtainable goal, the dormitory staff consists of a Dorm Mother, Eim Bayit and Dorm counselors. The Dorm Mother and the Aim Bayit, as knowledgeable experienced adults, work as a collaborative team dividing the tasks which are needed to run a home with structure, care and stability. The Dorm Mother’s primary role is to ensure the physical well-being of the girls. Whereas the Aim Bayit, will focus more on the social -emotional wellbeing of the girls. The dorm counselors live within the dormitory and provide supervision, guidance, and advice as well as fun and friendship. The dorm counselors are selected for their leadership ability and serve as role models to the students within the dorm and around campus.

Bnos Chana helps arrange group rates for after-school programs for the students living in the dormitories, such as swimming, painting, music lessons, and gym. These programs are open to local girls as well to help build friendship between the dorm students and girls of the community.

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