Bnos Chana's School Leadership Team is responsible for providing instructional leadership and developing, implementing, and evaluating school systems and policies. The School Leadership Team plays a critical role in improving the learning environment and overall academic success of the students, with the goal of creating a meaningful learning environment for all. Together, our School Leadership Team is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment to ensure that students feel comfortable and supported in the academic and social-emotional aspect that is paramount to their learning. We have partnered together with Rabbonim and Mashpi'im to ensure Chassidishe growth within each and every student.

The School Leadership Team consists of:

·         Head of School - Mrs. Stacy Bendet, M. Ed

·         Assistant Head of School – Mrs. Chaya Chazan  



Some of our expert educators:

·         Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon

·         Mrs. Chanie Baron

-         Mrs. Sheiny Rivkin

-         Mrs. Chanie Feldman